Readers slam Westword cover subject Corey Donahue

"Tilting at Windmills," Kelsey Whipple, December 8


Sirs, this fellow is hardly a modern-day Don Quixote: "I refuse to be penalized for my education"? I laughed so hard my breakfast milk came out of my nose. He is, simply, a deadbeat.

C. Sean McManus


Corey Donahue


I am very disappointed that Kelsey Whipple chose a bluff and a bully as the face of the Denver Occupy movement. Corey Donahue is not interested in making Denver OWS a success; he is both ineffective and irresponsible. I have been a part of Occupy Denver since the eighth day; he has been the cause of some of the more effective people leaving the movement. He is anti-progress and pro-violence. His method of communicating with others is to try to bully them into his way of thinking. It has not worked.

He does share one common trait with those less-evolved Sagittarians: He has great difficulty in arriving at a mature state of reflection. Please choose others to reflect the more sincere approach to the Denver OWS movement; he is not a good choice.

Timothy Johnson Denver

It is sad to see your publication glorify a man "leading" a movement full of misguided, confused individuals mad at the very things that built this country. While they are accomplishing nothing, you still sing Corey Donahue's praises. The man has sexual-misconduct charges against him and has been incarcerated more times than Robert Downey Jr. on a cocaine bender, yet your article regards him as a modern-day hero, a Don Quixote.  How very disappointing that a miscreant such as Mr. Donahue is portrayed so positively in your magazine. 

Alexander O. Swanson Denver

Editor's note: For dozens of additional comments on the Corey Donahue story, as well as additional Occupy Denver profiles by Kelsey Whipple, go to

"Scene and Herd," Off Limits, November 24

The Naked Truth

I've seen a lot of beautiful things at Red Rocks over the years, but that would have been a beautiful sight to behold. I love the Colorado Uncovered idea. Beautiful women in beautiful places. What a concept. I'm sure there were a few people who were shocked by the sight of these, though. Too bad our society is so uptight about nudity. Especially when it is a shapely woman or a man.

Mike Bryant

Posted at

All of these shots would be better without the naked women. Taking photographs of naked women is not art. Taking photographs of nude women and placing them in scenic locations is still not art. As a woman, I am kind of appalled that Sherry Whitney would participate in the creation of this. It's degrading, offensive and, most of all, tacky.

Jaime Levick

Laramie, Wyoming

"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart," Jef Otte, December 8

A Dead Letter Day

The Grateful Dead aren't that great a band? Come on. They are objectively a great band. You obviously don't "get it" if you think they simply "play songs for a really long time." It's fine if you don't "get it," but they were talented musicians, Jerry Garcia was a hell of a songwriter, and most of all, they brought enjoyment to large numbers of people. That's what defines a "great band."

Randall Spears

Lubbock, Texas

Jef, I'm with ya: I have a demented hatred for the Grateful Dead. To tell you the truth, you could switch Phish into your rant and I would have been nodding just as much.

Travis Masselink



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