Readers sound off on scientology, atheism and Occupy Denver

"PrayPal," Jenny An, November 17

Bible Bytes

All religions are based completely on ignorance: "I don't know/understand, so God must be responsible."

Scientology doesn't even mention Overlord Xenu until you've invested thousands of dollars, simply because of how outlandishly stupid the story is. Mormons actually believe Joseph Smith pulled the story out of a hat, instead of his ass. Christians believe their god is "loving," despite the Bible's story of him murdering thousands of innocent people (twice).

It goes on and on and on — all beliefs based on made-up stories, assumptions and ignorance.

Lance Newcomb

Federal Heights

Atheism is based on irrationality: "I cannot see, touch, smell or hear something that is, by definition of being supernatural, beyond that which can be seen, touched, smelt or heard, so it must not exist." It is also based on a similarly unprovable assumption: "Only matter and energy exist." Then add the fact that most atheists do not follow their beliefs to their logical conclusions. If they did, they would have to admit that they consider rape, murder, stealing, etc., "wrong" only out of personal preference or because they believe "might makes right," not because those acts are objectively immoral.

Atheism: "irrationality in the name of reason."

Dennis Erford

Findlay, Ohio

I don't see how Scientology can be classed as anything spiritual. One only needs to read a little of the history of that "religion" to quickly realize that it is nothing more than a pyramid-style business scheme posing as a religion (and behaving like a cult).

Jonathan van der Berg

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"Keeping Occupied," Kelsey Whipple, November 17

Occupied Denver

I have read several articles on your Westword blog by Kelsey Whipple. I find her stories inflammatory and one-sided. She seems to intentionally choose quotes that contain profanity or sexual innuendo. My husband has attended the Occupy Denver protest on five different days and has found the crowd peaceful and earnest — not primarily the extremist or violent agitators that she seems to be looking for. I think she is not a seasoned writer, and this story should be covered by your very best.

Maureen Maker


Just wanted to say thank you to Westword and Kelsey Whipple for the great job you are doing in reporting the activities at Occupy Denver. Westword is Denver's only newspaper.

Gerald Trumbule Denver

Editor's note: To read Kelsey Whipple's ongoing coverage of Occupy Denver, as well as additional stories on the protests, go to the Latest Word at

"A Live One!" Laura Shunk, November 17

The Unkindest Cut

I think this review of Land of Sushi is horrifying and disgusting. Live scallops? Are you next going to invite Gordon Ramsay over to eat still-beating hearts of animals? Laura Shunk is an absolutely disappointing reviewer and Westword has lost my support. Permanently.

Ellen Kessler


I'm so happy to see Land of Sushi here! They always have the best service, and their specials are absolutely mind-blowing. The quality is phenomenal; it's unpretentious and affordable. If you go, be sure to try the hamachi orange roll or the bluefin tuna/avocado sashimi with citrus/soy dressing — amazing. After all these years of serving the finest sushi, they really deserve this recognition.

Joe Wadsworth



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