Readers: This Is What Colorado Should Use Pot Taxes For

Readers: This Is What Colorado Should Use Pot Taxes ForEXPAND

Many of those who responded to our post about Colorado marijuana sales topping $100 million in August had similar observations.

Given the size of the tax revenues being collected, they wondered why they're not seeing more tangible benefits in their communities.

Part of the windfall is earmarked for school construction, with other funds are set aside for public-service campaigns intended to prevent children and teens from toking.

However, readers had a range of suggestions about where they'd like to see some of the dollars go.

Here are three examples.

Laura Drews writes:

Holy crap...that's a butt-load of fix the damn roads, they suck....

Patrick Murray writes:

Maybe they should use the money for affordable housing?

Nelson Pineda writes:

But why are still in debt here in Co? Higher ups needs to stop siphoning the money.

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