Readers Weigh In on Boettcher Hall and Ask a Mexican

"Off Key," Michael Paglia, August 28

Ground Round

It would be a terrible decision to demolish Boettcher. Why would this even be an option?
Tyler Christopherson
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Idiotic idea. Get good acts in there and the people will show up.
Kevin Doyle
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Boettcher Hall/Michael Paglia/Ask a Mexican/Gustavo Arellano/Mayan Manjar Yucateco

I'm not sure you can trust any ideas the current mayor of Denver has.
Jonathan Blair
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While I don't disagree with all of Michael Paglia's points, Boettcher is a terrible venue. Classical music doesn't work in the round.
Brian Dietz
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An outdoor venue there would be a hundred times worse than Fiddler's.
Eric Frees
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Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano

Mex and Match

Why are people complaining about Gustavo Arellano and Ask a Mexican? Unlike the thin-skinned people who wrote in to complain about the column last week, I think it's my favorite feature in Westword. Keep it.
Joel Myers

This column is so disappointing. I have lived, studied and taught in Mexico, and have met so many decent, funny, smart, creative and respectful Mexican men and women — so I wonder why Gustavo insists on presenting every clichéd, negative image in the book. I find his sexism and grade-school humor degrading to women and all Mexicans.

So now that we all know what a big stud he is, can he finally write about the cool, interesting Mexicans and folks of Mexican heritage so that other folks can learn something? I have not learned anything about Mexican people beyond the stereotypes he presents.
Stephanie Roth

"A Knockout," Gretchen Kurtz, August 21

Manjar Disappointment

Based entirely on Gretchen Kurtz's review, we went to Mayan Manjar Yucateco at 7 p.m. on the last Monday in August. I can't believe that it was the same place you reviewed. We were the only customers there for the entire time. The food was mediocre and served warm, not hot. The choices were sparse: no pork tamales — actually, no pork anything! The service was as if they were anxious to get us out so they could close up and go home. We had to ask for water and we had to ask for chips. The boy who was our server just kept asking us if we were ready for the check. Hard to believe that this was the same place Gretchen reviewed.

We won't be returning, and we doubt that many others will even come if what we received is typical. What a disappointment.
Bernard Steinberg


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