Readers weigh in on pot tourism and vanity license plates

"who's your buddy?," Patricia Calhoun, May 22

the buddy system

Two things. First, I've been an avid reader of Westword since almost the beginning — best "rag" in town!

Second, Patricia Calhoun's "Who's Your Buddy?" was bang-on. The studied silence about pot (other than the hysterical TV ads to scare parents about edibles) belies the gleeful squeals as the Department of Revenue paper-pushers count up tax revenue — in cash, of course — and the various other travel-related organisms rack up the green.


marijuana legislation

I myself have yet to buy any bud — and I don't know if I will — but I'm delighted about the legalization and the fact that I can walk into a legal store and make a purchase. The whole process has been a giant step forward in plain common sense.

Kelly A. Johnson


I travel a lot, and whenever I tell someone I am from Colorado, they all want to know about pot. It doesn't matter if they are old or young, stoner or not. They are all very interested in what is going on here.

That's why it's too bad that our state won't be proactive about publicizing our legal marijuana. Pot tourism could be a very good source of revenue for Colorado. I appreciated Patricia Calhoun's view on this.

Jody Madison


"Auto Correct," Off Limits, June 5

License to chill

The state may think it's being alert and keeping all the obscene or tasteless license plates off the road, but they are letting a lot through — and many of them are much worse than "PUREMMJ." I've almost crashed my car a couple of times because I'm trying so hard to figure out what a license plate says — or laughing so hard after I do!

Terry Slade

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They rejected Claydoh for me. Really?

Clay Patrick Mingues

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With some of them, it's obvious why the Department of Motor Vehicles would say no. However, with some of them, there really is no reason why they should say no. Unless it's offensive, simply being slang shouldn't be a reason to say no.

Marcus Rose

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I tried to get "PUCK ME" when the Avs came to town. They actually printed the plate, but when I went to pick it up, the clerk said, "You know, I don't think we're going to give you this."

Josh Graham

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I got a 420 plate, and I wasn't even trying (standard issue plate).

Christopher Jones

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What a nanny state.

Dan Mason

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