Scarlet Ranch swingers club, now Squirrel Creek Lodge, serves oysters and rescues animals

Last spring, the Scarlet Ranch swingers club closed up shop at 424 Broadway in Denver and moved to meatier digs: the former Northwoods Inn steakhouse in Littleton, an 18,000-square-foot log cabin-esque retreat on several acres of "beautifully manicured landscape." A year later, owner Kendall Seifert reports that the massive facility has branched out beyond what the Scarlet Ranch website describes as "fun and erotic evenings" — though there are still plenty of those, including an upcoming theme party on August 18 called "Austin Powers's '70s Sex and Disco Party." (From the website: "Think Boogie Nights if you need some dress ideas!")

Seifert started a new corporation to run the property and rechristened it the Squirrel Creek Lodge. He describes it as a "whole new beast": There's now an on-site restaurant headed by a former Northwoods Inn chef that serves oysters on the half shell and a dish called "The Ranch Calamari Trio," and the lodge has played host to other kinds of events as well, including at least seven weddings. Seifert also runs a small mammal rescue operation on the property. It's something he says he's been doing for twenty years; when he acquired the property, he moved his rescue operation from his house to the Squirrel Creek Lodge. In addition to squirrels, Seifert has taken in a fawn, five ducks and three show bunnies.

As for the Scarlet Ranch, Seifert described it as "just a group that has events here." Indeed. The websites for the businesses share many of the same swanky photos of the facility (minus the squirrels on the Scarlet site and minus the naked people in the Squirrel Creek site), but the descriptions of the wildlife, as you can imagine, are quite different.


Scarlet Ranch


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