Scot Copher Accused of Trying to Put Hit on Teen He Allegedly Molested for Years

Earlier this year, we told you about the prosecution of a man accused of trying to hire a hitman while behind bars at the Arapahoe County Detention Center. Now, there's another case in which an inmate is facing similar charges. He's Scot Coper, and law enforcers believe his intended target was a teenager who he molested for years beginning when the victim was elementary-school age. Details and more below.

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The story comes from 9News, which reports that Copher's accuser is a fellow prisoner at the detention center.

What happened? According to an affidavit obtained by the station, Copher, who's got a previous arrest record that includes child abuse (plus assault and theft), was in stir owing to a child-sex assault allegation pertaining to a seventeen-year-old. He's said to have started molesting the victim at age six and continued for seven years, with the accusations only recently coming to the fore.

The arrest report maintains that Copher suggested the inmate kill the teen by making it seem as if he'd overdosed on a "hot load of drugs." Instead, the man reached out to authorities.

Other bon mots from the report: While in jail, Copher "allegedly tried to remove a mole near his pubic area that he told a fellow inmate the victim would recognize." But he was apparently less eager to lose his teeth: He's reportedly suing the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office over that, and for supposedly giving him medication that caused an allergic reaction.

As for that previous case of an alleged hitman-hiring attempt from the detention center, it involved Christian Harvey, who was acquitted of the crime in April -- possibly because his accuser claimed Harvey had only offered him $200 to bump off a prosecutor.

Here's a full-size look at Copher's booking photo.

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