Scott McInnis
Scott McInnis

Scott McInnis agrees to repay foundation, but he still plagiarized

It's been a good week to make fun of Dan Maes. But this whole bikes equal communism, let's take away jobs circus might not have mattered had it not been for his opponent's colossal stumble in the polls. Scott McInnis, as you will recall, plagiarized a report on water issues for which he was paid $300,000. Today, he ostensibly righted his wrong by settling with the Hasan Family Foundation, who awarded him a fellowship for the report in 2005.

Except he still copied sections of his report from Gregory J. Hobbs, now a Colorado Supreme Court Justice. Or allowed an assistant to copy, whichever you prefer. You can't buy ethics.

This week's real winner? Tom Tancredo, who looks like he was onto something by sidestepping the GOP shitshow and running his gubernatorial race on an American Constitution Party ticket.


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