Scott McInnis' latest two mistakes

Just because Bob Beauprez has decided against seeking for the governership doesn't mean Republican loyalists will be spared the spectacle of another hilariously inept campaign -- not with Scott McInnis still the de facto frontrunner. Big Mac has made one gaffe after another since leaping into the fray, from putting a photo of a Canadian mountain on his website's home page to losing his shit under cross-examination from that notorious conservative-hater Dan Caplis. Today's miscalculation? Putting into writing his displeasure at a planned straw poll at the Colorado Republicans' forthcoming fall meeting in Keystone.

It makes perfect sense why McInnis would want to nix such a survey: He stands a very good chance of losing. But by creating a paper trail, he's publicized his fears. And to compound this moronic move, he isn't planning to attend the meeting -- a peevish decision that makes it seem as if he's unwilling to show up at anything other than a coronation. Granted, McInnis opponents such as Josh Penry don't exactly come across as invincible. But it's McInnis who looks worst. As usual.

Note: Speaking of mistakes, the first draft of this blog stated that McInnis is running for the U.S. Senate, not the governership. I regret the brain fart.


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