Scott Smith jailed for schmucky trip to Batman screening with bag full of weapons but no permit

After the Aurora theater shooting last July, plenty of people across the country were nervous during their next trip to the movies -- especially if the flick they were seeing was The Dark Knight Rises, which was unspooling as a gunman killed twelve people and injured seventy others.

Still, Ohio's Scott Smith took things to schmucky extremes by heading to a Batman screening with a bag filled with weapons -- and that's not all.

According to the Morning Journal newspaper, Smith, a 37-year-old self-employed contractor, wanted to attend a 10 p.m. showing of the film at a Regal Cinema in suburban Crocker Park on August 4, a couple of weeks after the Aurora attack.

The Crocker Park theater.
The Crocker Park theater.

Apparently, his bag piqued the interest of a security guard there, and when the officer searched it, he found plenty of intriguing items inside. The Morning Journal makes mention of a Glock 9-mm pistol, two magazines loaded with ammunition and four knives -- a small part of his overall arsenal, which is said to have included seven handguns, twelve long guns, several bulletproof vests, gas masks and even more ammo.

By the way, Smith said he brought with his bag o' goodies with him because he needed protection.

Not that Smith was only interested in doing damage to those who might want to damage him and other cineastes. A report from News5 in Cleveland adds that he also had medical supplies.

Smith in court.
Smith in court.

No paperwork was needed for Smith to bring the latter with him. But the weapons required a concealed carry permit, which he didn't have -- a little oversight that eventually led to him pleading guilty to two charges for packing without sanction.

He's now been sentenced to six months in jail, where he'll have to rely on guards for protection.

Here's a larger look at Smith's booking photo, followed by the News5 report, which features his in-court admission that he didn't really think things through. Really?

Scott Smith.
Scott Smith.

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