See Hookah-Puffing Ty Lawson Livestream as Nuggets Draft His Likely Replacement

Nuggets guard Ty Lawson likes to document his life.

For instance, his YouTube account offers fans an inside look at his day-to-day activities, including his fondness for the Lyft ridesharing service — a clip that became more than a little embarrassing when he was busted for another DUI earlier this year.

But that's nothing compared to the awkwardness inherent in his latest example of video oversharing.

Last night, his decision to livestream an NBA draft party at his house allowed fans to see his reaction to the Nuggets drafting his likely replacement.

Those tuned in to looked on as Lawson and some friends commented on the various selections announced during a broadcast from the Brooklyn Nets' home arena.

For instance, after the Sacramento Kings chose center Willie Cauley-Stein with the sixth pick — one turn before the Nuggets — Lawson remarked that this "might mean [DeMarcus] Cousins is gone."

Why? Multiple reports this week have suggested that former Nuggets head coach George Karl, would like to trade Cousins, who's extremely talented but has a notoriously difficult personality — and locally, there's been speculation aplenty about whether the Nugs might be interested in putting together a package that would include Lawson, a Karl favorite, in exchange for the man nicknamed Boogie.

At that point, the Nuggets were on the clock, and Lawson began to talk about his squad's options, which included guard Emmanuel Mudiay and forward Justise Winslow.

"Backcourt," he said. "We need a two [meaning a shooting guard]. I mean, they should get Justise Winslow. They'll probably get Mudiay. Then I'm gonna get a bunch of tweets about, 'Oh, Ty, you getting traded.' For sure."

Boom: The Nuggets went with Mudiay.

Lawson's response? "I told you. I'm going to Sacramento, bro," he says.

And then he takes a big inhale from his hookah.

On the draft broadcast, commentators immediately concluded that with Mudiay coming to town, Lawson would be out of Denver soon. Nuggets management is denying that so far, but probably only because the team doesn't want Lawson to go for a fire-sale price.

In all likelihood, however, the Lawson era in the Mile High City just went up in a puff of...well, you know.

To see the original video, click here — but the key moment is captured in the following clip.

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