Shmuck queen Christina Szele to be back on the streets soon

Get your mace ready, flight attendants. Westword's favorite Shmuck of the Week recipient, Christina Szele, will have the opportunity to continue her reign of shmuckiness far sooner than many observers expected.

Szele won her first shmuck "honor" in June 2008, when she engaged in "thrashing," "cursing," "kicking," "screaming," "punching," "stomping" and "hurling" (of racial slurs) in a confrontation with employees on a JetBlue flight. The following September, she topped the shmuck hit parade once more after testing positive for cocaine (twice) and being arrested for assault. Her November guilty plea got her back into the shmuck column, as did the the March revocation of her bond following an assault accusation involving her sister-in-law. And in May, she earned more Latest Word love after said bond was rendered null and void by yet another judge in advance of a hearing that took place on Friday. But that jurist took mercy on the scofflaw before her. While Szele could have been slapped with a twenty-year sentence, she instead earned just four months, most of which she's already served. The Denver Post notes that she'll be set free about a week from now.

"I screwed up, and I am capable of much more," Szele said at the proceeding -- a double-edged comment if ever there was one.


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