Shoe Me the Money

A Special Cat's Pajamas Report from Susan Froyd, Westword's own Night & Day editor -- and shoe aficionado.

Clark's Indigo Mademoiselle, $93.95

As a former San Franciscan, I always thought that I could safely say I'd left my heart there. In my bedazzled mind, there's no city on earth more stylish, progressive and doggoned beautiful. But, lo and behold, then I found my ticker again and fell for Denver — only to lose it again at the new Clarks store in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. After a while, the smaller, more accessible goals in life seem to make more sense. Which brings me back to Clarks, long considered the bastion of the sensible shoe: the never-changing Wallabee, Trek or —


— Desert Boot.

Clark's Artisian Tess, $88.95

Don't look at


that way!


wore those as teens in the woolly prehistoric hippie times, yet there they still sit, all suede-y and comfortable and earthy on a modern-day show rack at the mall. Been there, done that. But while my back was turned, pining for San Francisco, Clarks diversified into trendier lines that make my feet tingle. There's my first new love, the sporty, fashion-forward Privo line that raises the sneaker to a whole, sleek new Scandi-European level. And then there's Indigo, a fun, classic line that includes retro-inspired chunky-heeeled pumps in zippy color combos with stitched and appliqued details, as well as the Artisan line, featuring funky, handmade looks and cozy embroidered clogs and mules.

Clark's Ingrid, $82.95

While you're at the mall — and, despite all your best intentions, you know you will be (it's the holidays, for crissakes) — stop by on your way to or from that other mall dragnet you can't resist: Anthropologie. Clarks has the good styling and craftsmanship to match whatever you find there.

Clark's Indigo Cointreau, $93.95
Clark's Privo Colada, $78.95


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