Sky Wodraska Accused of Stabbing 14-Year-Old He'd Previously Abused

Sky Wodraska's name suggests peace and love — but the latest offenses he's been accused of committing are among the most hateful imaginable.

They include attempted murder, assault, kidnapping and child abuse, with one of the victims being a fourteen-year-old girl who continues to fight for her life at this writing.

What makes these crimes even more unfathomable is the fact that Wodraska was arrested multiple times over the past year for victimizing the same teen — the child of his ex-girlfriend — yet he may have spent no time behind bars as a result.

At about 1:45 a.m. on March 7, according to law-enforcement sources quoted by the Summit Daily, Wodraska broke into the condominium home of his ex.

There, he allegedly assaulted three underage girls — two of them age fourteen, the other ten.

He's said to have bound the ten-year-old using duct tape. As for the older girls, one of them escaped, while the other was stabbed in the face, back, neck and hand, the paper states.
At last report, the latter teen was hospitalized in the Breckenridge area in critical condition, although doctors expect her to survive.

Wodraska, meanwhile, was taken into custody. But this attack hardly came out of the blue. Indeed, 7News has documented an absolutely shocking timeline of events leading to the latest arrest.

In February 2014, the station reveals that the ex-girlfriend asked for and received a protection order naming Wodraska.

The next month, he was arrested on allegations of stalking and child abuse, among other things.
Then, in June, came an arrest for sex assault on a child — and yes, the child in question was the fourteen-year-old stabbing victim.

But in November, Wodraska accepted a plea deal from the Summit County District Attorney's Office in which he admitted to a single charge: intimidating a victim/witness. In connection with that count, he was sentenced last month to ninety days in jail, with eighty of them suspended. (It's unclear if he served the ten-day difference or not prior to being busted again.) In addition, 7News points out that he was given a deferred judgment that would have cleared his record if he had stayed out of trouble for the next three years.

Additionally, Wodraska was sentenced to two years probation last week, just three days before he allegedly broke into the condo and terrorized the three girls.

One more twist: According to Colorado law, most arrestees in the state can immediately bond out after being arrested, with the exception of those accused of domestic violence or stalking. However, a new bill, HB 15-1060, would require anyone arrested for a sex offense to make a court appearance before being released on bond.

We've included that document below, along with Wodraska's double booking photo and the aforementioned 7News report, which vividly depicts a system that failed the victims in this case.

HB 15-1060

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