SOL's customers come in all shapes and sizes

The city's favorite lingerie model, Tiffany Vartanyan, will be back this fall in a new advertising campaign — and a new billboard! — called "I am a SOL Girl," but the Cherry Creek boutique that employs her is changing things up this time as a way to highlight its customers, who come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. "We get lots of positive feedback and commentary from people who identify with our model or some aspect of her, but there are some who don't," says Sol marketing director Janelle Kenny. "So this idea came from our customers as a fun way to get them engaged."

While one billboard will feature Vartanyan, the other will feature black-and-white head shots of fifty Sol customers (sorry, no boobs). "Everyone has an idea of who they think shops at Sol, but this will really show them," says Kenny; the billboards will be located on West Sixth Avenue, at Kalamath and Navajo streets. "And we picked the first fifty women who responded to our e-mail. We didn't pick and choose."

Sol will also highlight thirteen other customers — from the waist up and wearing clothes — on its website and in digital advertising. "We have gals who are eighty and gals who are twenty, people who are moms, every size, curly hair, straight hair and so on," Kenny says.


SOL Lingerie

The photo shoot will take place during a party — which is open to the public — on Monday, June 24, at Sol, 248 Detroit Street. Vartanyan won't be there, but some of the "real" models will be — and real always wins, at least in our book.

Smooth operator: Westword has catalogued the weirdest posts on Denver Craigslist a number of times over the years, so we've got a pretty good sense of the oddities that can be found on the site. But even we were caught off guard by this ad: "IT Girl Needed ASAP." It's been flagged for removal and is probably already gone. Fortunately, though, a web surfer managed to save the text and images for posterity, dubbing the results "creepy craigslist guy." Based on the twisted pics — which you can see on the Latest Word blog at — and info below, we think you'll agree.

The term "IT Girl" isn't used by coincidence. The text stresses that the man behind the ad wants "Ladies Only," for reasons that have to do with compensation. "Your IT skills for dates with me on me! No kidding," he writes. If the IT abilities needed are gender-specific, the ad doesn't explain why. But it's easy to come up with a hypothesis.

"I am desperate to get IT help implementing a new business adventure in online Internet marketing and am overwhelmed with the initial implementation," the ad continues. "You give me your IT skills and time and I give you the full tilt Goddess treatment! Dates with me, on me, messages [massages?] with scented oils, the romance & sensuality...full montey [sic] head to foot!

"I am absolutely not kidding!" the copy reiterates. "Doesn't matter who you are. You got IT skills, I got romance skills....let's barter."

The sign-off: "Lots and lol:)"

Laughs out loud may be triggered by the photos that the older, white-bearded man included. For instance, one has a rough-and-ready feel thanks to the wife-beater T-shirt and the wacky fashion choice of a trucker cap and sunglasses worn inside while posing by a blazing fire. That's followed by several shirt-unbuttoned shots and one that offers — well, not exactly the full monty, but the upper half of one.

It's unknown whether an "IT girl" took Mr. Smooth up on his kind offer. If not, maybe it's because he was trying so hard to come across as The Most Interesting Man in the World that he apparently didn't realize he'd just created the Creepiest Craigslist IT ad ever.


Scene and herd: Longtime newspaperman and gossip columnist Bill Husted, who left the Denver Post in November 2011 (and was with the Rocky Mountain News before that), is back, doing interviews for the Denver Business Journal in a column that's similar to Bar & Grilled, a series he did for the Post. In the first installment, which came out this week, Husted sat down with University of Colorado president Bruce Benson at Churchill Bar in the Brown Palace Hotel.


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