Stan Kroenke wants to buy all of the St. Louis Rams: What's that mean for the Nuggets and Avalanche?

Just because Stan wants the Rams doesn't mean he's through with Denver.
Just because Stan wants the Rams doesn't mean he's through with Denver.

Stan Kroenke owns 40 percent of the St. Louis Rams football team -- and he reportedly is interested in purchasing the remaining 60 percent.

How might such a buy impact Kroenke's Denver sports franchises -- the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche? Kroenke isn't getting into specifics, but his company, Kroenke Sports Enterprises, has released a statement confirming its commitment to its Denver properties and mentioning the Nuggets and the Avalanche by name.

The implication: Just because he may be spending millions on the Rams doesn't mean he's abandoning Colorado.

Read the KSE statement below:

KSE Statement on Pending St. Louis Rams Sale

"On Monday, Mr. E. Stanley Kroenke announced his intention to purchase the remaining interest in the St. Louis Rams franchise of the National Football League. There will be much speculation in the coming days and weeks about this transaction," said KSE Executive Vice President Paul Andrews. "We will not speculate or comment further about this decision."

"Mr. Kroenke and his family remain fully committed to Denver and each KSE-owned property. We are excited that the Avalanche and Nuggets have had successful seasons and look forward to an exciting postseason for both teams," concluded Andrews.

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