Start your week with Fred 'n' Fae

Fred, Fae and friend.
Fred, Fae and friend.

Fred, Fae and friend.

Hey, kids! Is it a blue Monday? Well, cheer up with a little help from Fred 'n' Fae, who were among the earliest Denver television stars -- especially in the eyes of local children, who watched their tuneful antics on channels 2 and 9 for a decade and a half beginning in 1952. In recent months, local videographer Don Mueller, who co-wrote a book about the couple with Fae Taylor, has assembled more Fred 'n' Fae information and vintage footage than you ever thought possible -- six videos available for viewing below. It's an appropriately weird way to get your work week underway. -- Michael Roberts

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Part five:

Part six:

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