Stephen Hamper. Additional images below.
Stephen Hamper. Additional images below.
Denver District Attorney's Office

Stephen Hamper Guilty of Beating Cop Whose Gun He Wanted to Use to Kill Her

Update: Stephen Hamper, 29, has been found guilty of multiple counts in the beating of a Denver police officer who he said he would have killed if only he'd been able to get hold of her gun.

Our previous coverage, which has been incorporated into this post, dates back to shortly after Hamper's September 6, 2014 bust.

According to the affidavit in the case, the bizarre incident spiraled out of control shortly after Officer Aubree Thompson responded to a call about a homeless man, later identified as Hamper, who was trying to wash his clothes in a drainage grate at a very busy place — the Downing Street off-ramp to Interstate 25.

The document describes Hamper as acting "strange" when Thompson attempted to handcuff him. Before the restraints could do their work, he allegedly wheeled and punched her several times in the face.

Aubree Thompson.
Aubree Thompson.
9News file photo

Next, the report continues, Hamper raced toward the police cruiser only to return and continue his assault. Additional punches to the face and body are said to have brought Thompson to the ground.

At that point, Hamper allegedly climbed on top of the officer, resumed his face-punching and tried to grab her gun — something she was able to prevent by pinning his hand against her body.

Still, there's no telling how long she might have been able to hold him off if it weren't for the timely arrival of passersby Tyler and Holly Ingels, as well as Mike Guillan.

Between the three of them, they were able to get Hamper off Thompson long enough for the officer to take him into custody — no easy trick, since she was injured seriously enough to require immediate hospitalization. 

The grate in which Hamper had been trying to wash his clothes.
The grate in which Hamper had been trying to wash his clothes.
7News file photo

As for Hamper, we found a slew of criminal records in his name, including a 2011 assault on a police officer in Edmond, Oklahoma, and a 2013 Larimer County bust that included driving on a suspended, denied or cancelled license, DUI/DWAI and obstruction of a peace officer or fireman.

Afterward, Hamper is quoted in the affidavit as saying, "If I would have gotten her gun, I would have killed her. You guys kill children and old ladies."

This month, approximately two-and-a-half years after the attack, Hamper's two-day trial ended with the jury returning guilty verdicts for first-degree assault — serious bodily injury/deadly weapon, second-degree assault of a police officer, a criminal attempt to disarm a peace officer and second-degree assault — custody/peace officer. He was found not guilty on one additional charge: first-degree assault — threaten peace officer/gun.

Next for Hamper is a June 2 hearing at which it will be determined if he qualifies as a habitual criminal — a finding that can be used as a sentencing enhancer.


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