Still Lost, Not Found

Yesterday was supposed to be D-Day for Lost and Found, a Christian youth residential-treatment facility attempting to move their facilities into Clear Creek County, yet coming up against heated opposition by some NIMBY neighbors afraid of the type of children being transplanted into their community. Because yesterday, in a sweltering Georgetown Community School Gymnasium where the mountain-folk seemed not to grasp the concept of silencing their cell-phones, the Board of County Commissioners was to hear Lost and Found’s rezoning proposal for the facility which they now lease, a bureaucratic hurdle necessary to allow them to operate at the property (which was previously used as a Christian camp ground), and then make their final decision. Everything from wastewater management to animal migration patterns was discussed and in the end, nothing happened. The Board determined that there were far too many people there and the night was growing far too late to properly hear all public comment on the issue. An ominous date of September 11 was set to reconvene and the masses spilled out of the hot gym into the cool, Georgetown night. The saga continues. -- Adam Cayton-Holland


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