Summer of Peace Begins on Cinco de Mayo

As pimped out rides with boomin’ systems cruise Federal Boulevard for Cinco de Mayo this weekend, not everyone will be out just to represent Mexican Pride.

It’s summertime in the Mile High City, when gunshots ring out with more frequency as gangsters crawl out of hibernation. But not this year. This year is for peace. The Summer of Peace, a fresh effort to stop the violence that’s catching on as members of the Chicano Caucus and the Metro Denver Gang Coalition convene in Civic Center Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. to distribute flyers promoting peace. They’ll also have volunteers conducting video interviews with teens to determine their thoughts about the Summer of Peace declaration.

The outreach campaign will have a base booth with Lowrider Cars and bicycles at Colfax Avenue and Bannock Street. Because not all pimped out rides belong to gangsters.

Peace. --Luke Turf


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