Ted Haggard: The top 10 hymns for his new church

Ted Haggard, as seen on Channel 4: Is he ready to sing?
Ted Haggard, as seen on Channel 4: Is he ready to sing?

Yesterday, Ted Haggard held a news conference in Colorado Springs to announce that he's founding a new church while being trailed by a production crew, just in case anyone might like to air a documentary or reality show about it.

Of course, much must be done to get the church, dubbed St. James, up and running, including picking tunes for services -- and we'd like to help. We came up with a list of ten sacred songs, complete with audio links, that should hit home with anyone who knows Haggard's history with male escort Mike Jones. Look below to open your hymnals.

"Amazing Words! -- He Gave Himself For Me"

"Art Thou Hung'ring For the Fulness"

"As Pants the Hart For Cooling Streams"

"Can I Forget the Coming Lord"

"Christ Will Make His Seeking Lover"

"Come In, O Come: The Door Stands Open Now"

"Deeper, Deeper, In the Cross of Jesus"

"For the Glorious Revelation"

"Free From the Law -- Oh Happy Condition"

"Hallelujah, He Is Risen"

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