Ten Best U.S. Sports Cities, and Who Beats Out Denver

Videos and more below.
Videos and more below.
Photo by Eric Gruneisen

A lot of us like to think of Denver as the best sports city in America — especially on a day like today.

After all, the excitement is as high for tonight's nationally broadcast Broncos-Chiefs game as if it was taking place in Colorado instead of Kansas City.

But while the folks at WalletHub acknowledge that the Mile High City is indeed one of America's ten most sports-obsessed communities, they don't rank D-Town at number one.

Where does Denver land? Count down the top ten below, featuring WalletHub data and methodology, illustrated with videos of crazy fan behavior for each metropolis. To see the original post, click here.

Number 10: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Football Rank: 60

Basketball Rank: 43

Baseball Rank: 37

Hockey Rank: 30

Soccer Rank: 22

Number 9: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Football Rank: 10

Basketball Rank: 33

Baseball Rank: 10

Hockey Rank: 45

Soccer Rank: 350

Number 8: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Football Rank: 29

Basketball Rank: 17

Baseball Rank: 84

Hockey Rank: 24

Soccer Rank: 87

Number 7: New York, New York

Football Rank: 39

Basketball Rank: 46

Baseball Rank: 37

Hockey Rank: 26

Soccer Rank: 30

Number 6: Chicago, Illinois

Football Rank: 36

Basketball Rank: 49

Baseball Rank: 45

Hockey Rank: 9

Soccer Rank: 37

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