Ten Denver Neighborhoods With the Most Cougars

Additional photos and videos below.
Additional photos and videos below.

Cougars: Denver's got plenty of them. But they tend to congregate in certain neighborhoods.

That's the story told by the folks at CougarLife.com, which describes itself as "the world's premier dating site for strong, sexy and successful women over 35- as well as the mature men under 35 that want to meet them."

The site maintains that there are 23,000 website members living in Denver, with most of them concentrated in affluent areas.

"It’s no surprise that these neighborhoods are where most Cougars are hiding out,” spokesperson Erica Porsch is quoted as saying. "More often than not, Cougars are wealthy, successful women — recent divorcees or women who have never been married — who are confident enough to take control and get what they want when it comes to dating."

Below, see the site's top ten cougar neighborhoods as judged by the percentage of members who live there, photo-illustrated with CougarLife.com images, and followed by a pair of videos associated with the site.

Number 10: Central East Denver
Percentage of CougarLife.com members: 5.9%

Number 9: Washington Park
Percentage of CougarLife.com members: 6.5%

Number 8: Village East
Percentage of CougarLife.com members: 7.3%

Number 7: Alamo Placita
Percentage of CougarLife.com members: 7.6%

Number 6: Highland
Percentage of CougarLife.com members: 8.1%

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