Additional photos and more below.
Additional photos and more below.

Ten Most Expensive Places to Buy a House in Colorado: One Averages $1M+

Earlier this month, we told you about the ten most expensive Colorado cities to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

We knew figures from the list of Colorado cities with the most expensive house prices would be considerably higher — but we were still surprised by the eye-popping nature of the digits in question.

In one Colorado city, the average home price is more than $1 million.

The info comes from the new Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report for 2015.

Below, see the ten priciest Colorado cities below, featuring average costs plus a photo and links to a representative listing for that community. Note that two of them are in excess of $15 million.

Number 10: Highlands Ranch
Average price: $457,697

Number 9: Fort Collins
Average price: $459,014

Number 8: Longmont
Average price: $463,432

Number 7: Parker
Average price: $485,726

Number 6: Broomfield
Average price: $527,809

Number 5: Denver
Average price: $542,575

Number 4: Westminster
Average price: $561,762

Number 3: Evergreen
Average price: $661,000

Number 2: Castle Rock
Average price: $666,859

Number 1: Boulder
Average price: $1,044,656


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