Ten Most Expensive Streets in America, Including One in Colorado

The Zillow.com list of the most expensive streets in America tends to concentrate on communities in a handful of states.

For instance, the top ten includes multiple appearances by places in California, Florida and Connecticut.

But there's also a Colorado entry, in a mountain community — and probably not the one you'd think.

Continue to see where the Colorado street lands among listings that feature Zillow.com data about median house prices (be prepared for your jaw to hit the floor) and interactive graphics of addresses on the street in question. If you have problems seeing the images, click "View Larger Map."

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Number 10. Arvida Pkwy
Coral Gables, Florida 
Median home price: $11.209 million

Number 9. Nimes Rd
Los Angeles, California
Median home price: $11.445 million

Number 8. Coopers Neck Ln
Southampton, New York
Median home price: $11.872 million

Number 7. Field Point Cir
Greenwich, Connecticut
Median home price: $12.113 million

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