Ten most notable people we forgot who died in Colorado

Earlier this week, when we published our list of the ten most notable people to die in Colorado, we asked you to let us know if we'd forgotten anyone -- and thank goodness you did, because we made a number of hefty oversights. We're highlighting the ones most frequently mentioned in this sequel list, which also includes a slew of other fascinating personalities who shuffled off this mortal coil right here. Count them down below. Number 10: Ken Lay

Lay was the chairman and CEO of Enron, a corporation that became the poster child for business corruption circa the early 2000s -- although more recent scandals have pretty much supplanted it in the public consciousness. In 2006, he was found guilty of ten counts related to financial malfeasance and the like -- but several months before his sentencing, he died in Snowmass of a heart attack. That's the equivalent of dodging a bullet by taking one in the chest. Number 9: Ruth Etting

Ron Lyle

Etting was a huge singing star in the 1920s and 1930s, with a number of her signature tunes, including "Shine On Harvest Moon" and "Ten Cents a Dance," becoming standards in the Great American Songbook. She was embroiled in scandal during the late thirties, when her former husband shot a pianist with whom she was involved. Her career took a hit as well, but the tale inspired the 1955 film Love Me or Leave Me, in which the character based on her was played by Doris Day. Page down to continue reading our list of the ten most notable people we forgot who died in Colorado.

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