Ten of the most ridiculous Foursquare mayorships in Denver

Drummer Crawford Philleo is the Foursquare mayor of the bathroom at Gabor's on Thirteenth Avenue because he was mad that another user, Colfax J, took over the mayorship of Gabor's itself. Funny. But not as funny as some of the other places with Foursquare mayors.

This week, Westword profiled seven Denver mayors. But here's a list of ten more ridiculous fiefdoms.

Location: 6th Ave Onramp to I-25

Mayor: Jim A

Tip: Beware the cloverleaf monster. Sorry wrong movie

Location: Millennium Bridge

Mayor: Mark

Tip: Pay attention to the steps, do not foursquare or you can twist an ankle. Mine still hurts.

Location: Pamela's cubicle

Mayor: Tim W

Tip: As the new mayor of Pamela's cubicle, I declare Fridays to be bring your dog to work day!

Location: The east elevator at SRG

Mayor: Kira

Tip: Smile at the security guard and he will smile back.

Location: Passenger Seat of State Trooper's Cruiser getting a Speeding Ticket

Mayor: Jason T

Tip: N/A

Location: The 15 Bus

Mayor: Michael M.

Tip: Don't make eye contact.

Location: Chairs outside Women's Fitting Room at Macys

Mayor: RickAfterDark

Tip: N/A

Location: The Drunk Tank

Mayor: Andrew H

Tip: Don't end up here.

Location: Pepsi Center, Section 116 Row 11 Seats 1 & 2

Mayor: Kim C

Tip: Try seats 3 and 4

Location: Shuffle-board Table at Swanky's

Mayor: Michele B

Tips: N/A

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