Ten Things Only People From Aurora Understand, According to Movoto

More photos below.
More photos below.

Aurora doesn't always get a lot of respect, even from folks who live elsewhere in Colorado. But the folks at Movoto aim to amend this oversight via a post highlighting the ten things only people from Aurora understand. The result is intended to change doubters' minds even as it reminds Aurorans why they call the community home.

Below, count down the top ten, supplemented with photos and excerpts from Movoto text. To see the original item, click here.

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Number 10: You Know Aurora Is Colorado's Best Kept Secret

Aurora has long since been considered a suburb of Denver. And depending on who you ask, it doesn't always have the best reputation. Sure, Aurora is in close proximity to Denver, which is a much bigger city. It doesn't have the pro sports teams and the museums like Denver does, but the unique culture and community Aurora does have, Denver can't touch strictly because of its size. And that's what makes it so great.... Number 9: Kids Come To Aurora To Show Off Their Skills

The Aurora Sports Park is a really big deal here in town. People come from all over to enter their kids in regional and national tournaments and competitions or even just to observe the games at this impressive complex. On 220 acres, it's got 12 baseball/softball fields, 23 soccer and multi-use fields, and hosts competitions for a variety of other sports including lacrosse, rugby, cross country and more.... Continue to keep counting down the ten things only people from Aurora understand, according to Movoto.

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