Ten worst Denver tourist traps according to Yahoo -- and why they're (mostly) wrong

Big photos below.
Big photos below.
Photo by Kate Levy

Search for Denver tourist traps and you're likely to stumble upon this ten-worst Yahoo list from 2008. How does it hold up in 2014? Not very well, in our admittedly biased opinion, although we do have to concede a few points.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten below, with Yahoo's takes followed by ours.

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Number 10 according to Yahoo: Platte Valley Trolley

Yahoo's take: This trolley, next to Platte River, costs $5 to ride to visit many of Denver's tourist destinations. It's cheesy, so avoid it if you can.

Our take: Granted, the Platte Valley Trolley doesn't exactly compare to the cable cars in San Francisco. What does? But it's got a low-key charm -- and as a bonus, the price for a ride hasn't gone up in the six years since Yahoo's list was published.

Number 9 according to Yahoo: Buckhorn Exchange

Ten worst Denver tourist traps according to Yahoo -- and why they're (mostly) wrong

Yahoo's take: If you've seen ads for the many things to see and do in Denver, you've seen ads for the Buckhorn Exchange. It's claimed as the city's oldest restaurant. The food is overpriced at $25-$50 per entrée and the service doesn't match the food. Our take: The Exchange will definitely put a dent in your pocketbook; the cheapest supper entrée on the current menu is $25 (for Grandma's Pot Roast), and the costs go up from there. But you're paying for the history as much as the food, as noted in our listing for the venue, which reads:

Henry H. Zeitz opened his restaurant in this spot more than a century ago, after scouting for Buffalo Bill Cody, and although the ownership of the Buckhorn Exchange has changed over the years, the upstairs bar remains a veritable museum of beer steins and shotguns, the downstairs dining rooms a taxidermy zoo of delicious mammals distantly related to what will soon arrive on your plate. Although you can order everything from buffalo to yak to rattlesnake here, the Big Steak -- big indeed, bloody rare and served with all the trimmings -- is the dish to get.

Continue to keep counting down the ten biggest Denver tourist traps according to Yahoo -- and why they're (mostly) wrong.

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