Got any fliers?
Got any fliers?

Got any fliers?

The Daily Camera's building is for sale? Really?

This past weekend, a couple of days after a blog dubbed "The Boulder Daily Camera's Building Goes on the Block" was published, I happened to be in Boulder, and I stopped by the facility in the hope of finding out how much the place is selling for. Because, you know, I could use a little extra space, and publisher Al Manzi says the Camera's got 77,000 feet it not longer needs. But I didn't see any information anywhere. No fliers. No cards from a real-estate agent. Not even a sign letting passersby know that it's available -- which seems strange to me. In this economic envirnoment, they need to market the property aggressively or that sucker's not gonna move. Maybe they should have an open house. -- Michael Roberts

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