Much was auspicious in 1993, the Year of the Dave. Dave Letterman's broadcasting coup made the news, Dave Winfield distinguished himself, Wendy's featured Dave's Deluxe (designed by one of fast food's finest Daves) and Hollywood even came up with a Dave movie.

"What I want to know," says Dave More, "is why Kevin Kline had to play the role. They couldn't find a real Dave to do it?"
Such idle questions, once nothing more than a hobby for this Greeley adman, have become big issues in the past three months--all the time it took for More's Dave's International to explode on the national scene.

Its beginnings were small, admits More, who grew up in New Jersey and once thought his name was so "common" he considered changing it to Elvis. But since moving to Greeley to teach advertising at UNC eight years ago, More has become increasingly proud of his Dave-hood.

"I started sending a newsletter to friends," he recalls. "I called it All About Dave. Then I met another guy named Dave, who was also sending out letters. I suggested we combine them and include news of other Daves."
The resulting bulletin, appropriately titled Dave, the Official Newsletter of Daves International, featured such stories as "Dave visits Jamaica" and "Dave investigates Shakespeare, fast food." Memberships in Daves International were offered at $16 per year. Editors Dave and Dave invited readers to nominate a Dave of the Year, to be commemorated at a brand-new Dave Hall of Fame located in David City, Nebraska. "I just looked in the atlas," More says, "and there was a Saint David's, Pennsylvania, but it was too far away, and kind of religious. Then I found David City, and I thought I'd visit."

Though he met no Daves on the trip, More figured the town had potential and, despite an intriguing side trip to a neighboring town called Davey, decided David City was the perfect location for the Hall of Fame. To date it is located in a David City post office box, but bigger plans are afoot.

"Right now, all that's in there are some Psalms by David and a picture of Dave Letterman, who is Dave of the Year, by the way," says More, "but I'm hoping to expand."
Until then, however, passing members of Daves International need only inquire of postmaster Jerry Paczosa for the key to the Dave box, where they may view current issues of the Dave newsletter and other Dave-iana.

"As of yet, I have not had any Daves ask for it," Paczosa says, "but I've had a lot of inquiries by phone. And I think the Chamber of Commerce may be working something up. Maybe even a convention."
Despite David City's tiny population of 2,503 souls, Paczosa is no stranger to celebrity. "A lot of children write to me for school projects, because their name is David," he explains. "I try to keep some history handy." People named Dave, he speculates, may even have qualities that set them apart. "I guess it has to do with biblical times and that David," Paczosa muses. "He killed Goliath, and that might be the reason why they have to have a Dave fan club, like."

While the membership potential for such an organization is unarguably enormous, Dave More admits getting off to a slow start. "Actual membership, I would say, is probably twenty or so, in six or seven states," More says, "but I probably got a hundred letters last week." Many of them had to do with More's promotion of Saint Dave's Day, a new holiday he proposes be celebrated on March 1, with red beer and the Welsh national symbol of the leek as a motif.

"There is talk of extending the festivities continuously through Saint George's Day on April 23rd," More wrote in a recent issue of Dave. "That would make nearly two straight months of drinking...A group calling itself Global Georges has had several meetings...."
Elsewhere he refers to another organization known as the Consolidated Larrys. "I made them both up," he admits. "So what? A lot of the tongue-in-cheek things I do turn out to have serious potential."

For example, More has spent the past two years of semi-retirement from his public-relations business hard at work on a book that will prove Christopher Marlowe was probably Shakespeare. "Yes, others have been written on the subject," he says, "but mine is the first to view it as a public-relations problem."

Which is hardly the case with the Saint Dave's day blitz. More says he's already had offers from three Front Range bars to host the event and that he may accept all of them. The fact that he also intends to visit David City on Saint Dave's Day may present some logistical problems, but More is sure he'll be able to handle them.

"The important thing," he says, "is to celebrate Daves, and I'll do that wherever I am.


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