The Denver Post correction of the day

When errors are made, it's important for news organizations to set the record straight -- and the Denver Post attemped to do so this morning with the following item: "A photo caption on Page 20A Sunday incorrectly stated that Irrigation Engineering worker David Warren was soldering a pipe. He was actually welding it."

Unfortunately, this correction raises more questions than it answers. For example, what kind of welding tool was Mr. Warren using? Was it a Hobart Handler 140 MIG unit? A Lincoln Electric MIG-PAK 10? Or perhaps a Campbell Hauser 70 Amp Stick Welder? And what about gloves? Did he go with Craftsman Fabricators? Or the Kevlar Burn Protection full-arm model? I hope these issues can be resolved in tomorrow's correction section. Colorado's solderers and welders deserve to know.


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