The Denver Post Invites Web Surfers to Visit Woody Paige's World

The management at the Denver Post is clearly trying to get their moneys' worth out of sports columnist Woody Paige, who was lured back to the broadsheet after he relocated to the East Coast to appear on ESPN's Cold Pizza; the back story of his return is detailed in this November 2006 edition of the Message. Witness "Woody's World," a new feature at that was announced in the paper like so:

"Coming Monday, Woody Paige addresses the hottest topics in the world of sports in a new online exclusive, Woody's World. Look for it on weekday afternoons."

At this writing, the only thing available at the address above is an intro in which Paige (seen here in a screen capture from the inaugural offering) invites viewers to check in regularly to get his thoughts on the hot sports issues of the day and promises to engage in a once-a-week chat with his Internet aficionados. Unfortunately, some severe glitches appear to remain. I regularly watch online video clips without any difficulty; the vast majority stream smoothly. In this case, however, the snippet stuttered and stopped again and again, transforming Paige into a 21st Century Max Headroom.

W-w-w-w-wel-c-c-come t-to a br-br-brave n-n-new W-w-w-w-w-w-orld. -- Michael Roberts


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