The Denver Zoo asks: I can haz Valentinez Dey card?

The Denver Zoo asks: I can haz Valentinez Dey card?

Cute cats rule the Internet, as documented in the February 10 article "The Internet Is Made of Kittens." And in the hierarchy of kitty-cuteness-overload, the LOLCATS reign supreme, mostly because the combination of furry adorableness and cheeky spelling mistakes is enough to turn the world's manliest carnivore -- nay, the world's manliest cannibal -- into a blubbering, name-rhyming, kiss-blowing pile of goo.

So given the number of people who pee their pants over kittens in buckets, it's no wonder that the Denver Zoo decided to try its hand at the whole animal-photos-with-words thing via a series of free, downloadable Valentine's Day cards. They feature clip-art hearts superimposed over adroable images of monkeys, bears, giraffes and the supersized feline seen here -- and while their effort is no LOLCATS, it could be a cheap alternative for parents looking for an excuse to not buy their kid another pack of Hannah Montana valentines. Awwww!

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