The mug shot of Dr. Phillip Mallory.

The Doctor Is Out

No one but Dr. Phillip Mallory himself will ever know why he wanted to buy a Bushmaster AR-15 so bad that he lied about a felony when he filled out the required purchase forms a year ago. But his guilty plea to that federal charge will spare him a potentially embarrassing trial on charges that he'd given prescriptions for painkillers to strippers in exchange for them co-starring with him in his homemade porn collection ("Breast Friend," April 21, 2005).

According to the Arapahoe County case file, Mallory had strippers come by his room at the Marriott hotel on South Colorado Boulevard almost every week for four months to make naughty videos. In exchange for each stripper's time, the doctor gave her scrips and $150.

When the cops raided Mallory's hotel room on July 22, 2004, they found five cameras and a projector. They confiscated two computers, DVDs, sex lube, condoms, blank prescription pads, a bag of lingerie and an ID card for Shotgun Willie's, where Mallory had first met his co-stars. And of the 103 recordings the cops took, at least 61 of them featured the good doctor having sex.


Phillip Mallory

Mallory was out on bond for the porn-related charges when he got tripped up by the gun documents. In exchange for Mallory's pleading guilty to lying on the application, the federal government dropped the charge of recruiting a family friend to buy the weapon after he was denied. The Arapahoe County district attorney also dismissed the original indictment, which included eight felony charges for the scrips and two felony charges of criminal impersonation. Mallory faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine, but when he is sentenced on August 22, he will likely receive between ten and sixteen months and a fine of between $3,000 and $30,000, according to the plea agreement.

The cameras and computer equipment confiscated from Mallory will be returned, but all of the naked pictures and porn scenes will be deleted.


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