The dollars and cents of Michael Bennet's Senate appointment

More envy than pity has accompanied Bill Ritter's appointment of Denver Public Schools' Michael Bennet to fill Ken Salazar's soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Senate seat. But the folks at Face the State have found a reason to feel sorry for the rising political star: He'll be making less money in his new job than in his current one. Although he earns $160,000 per annum in base salary at DPS, assorted extras can push that total above $200,000, Face the State estimates -- well above the Senate pay of just over $169,000. To make matters worse, Washington, D.C., is a much more expensive city in which to live than is Denver.

At the end of this item, Face the State, which espouses a markedly conservative worldview, praises Democrat Bennet's selection for the office. Hopefully this little dollop of extra love will compensate for the shortfall in cash. -- Michael Roberts


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