The History Colorado Center's beer-bottle floor will be revealed next spring

Remember the crazy notion of burying the new history museum underneath Civic Center Park? Fortunately, critics put the kibosh on that plan, because the History Colorado Center, which architect David Tryba and the construction team of Trammel Crow Company officially turned over to the state last week, is definitely worth seeing — both inside and out.

Bill Ritter, who was governor when plans to knock down the old (at thirty!) history museum to make room for a new justice center were approved, and John Hickenlooper, who was mayor of Denver when the underground plans moved up and over to 12th and Broadway, will be on hand at the site at 10 a.m. on Friday, October 7, to celebrate the end of the two-year construction project and unveil a dedication stone outside.

Both Ritter and Hickenlooper, who are known to enjoy a brew or two, are more likely to appreciate one of the special features inside the building: The terrazzo floor on the ground level is made of recycled Coors bottles. All of the floor, that is, except for the center of the visitor's lobby, which is devoted to a 44-foot-by-60-foot topographic map of Colorado, complete with "hot spots" that light up when you walk over them with a "time machine" and tell historic tales.


History Colorado Center

It's lucky that we live in an almost square state – Tryba would have had a tough time fitting a map of Alaska into that rectangular space.

History Colorado will open to the public next spring.

Get a room: Beyond the Bedroom is described by co-organizer Dan Powers, aka Daka-Dan, as an October 16 educational event about sex. But police in Lakewood, where Beyond the Bedroom was originally scheduled to take place, weren't so sure, due in part to a possible live demonstration of orgasmic meditation, not to mention a BDSM class and videos featuring female ejaculation. "They didn't say we couldn't hold the event there," Daka-Dan tells Westword's Michael Roberts. "But they did say if any of the presenters did anything illegal, they'd be arrested."

Lakewood Police Department Steve Davis puts it differently, maintaining that only "live sexual acts" were forbidden.

But Daka-Dan was freaked out enough to relocate to Westminster. "Beyond the Bedroom is a spinoff of what used to be called the Sex Show or the Sex and So Much More Show," Daka-Dan says. "That event was half adult entertainment and half adult sex education — and the combination didn't work that well for the adult-education my wife at the time and I decided to put together an all-education event." He also planned a live demonstration of orgasmic meditation. "It's a fifteen-minute-long meditation focused on the woman's clitoris," Daka-Dan explains, "and it's really more powerful if you can see what's actually happening."

Daka-Dan settled on the Sheraton at 360 Union in Lakewood, informed the sales manager there and then reached out to the Lakewood Police Department, "because I know sex can be a touchy subject." But he never heard back.

Eventually a different hotel sales manager told him that the police had warned him that there were going to be illegal activities in their hotel.

Concerned, Daka-Dan set up a meeting with Lakewood Sergeant Donia Amick. "The first thing she told us was that Lakewood is a very conservative place and we should probably hold our event somewhere else," he says.

In the view of Lakewood PD's Davis, the underlying message may have been misinterpreted. "Our attorney felt that the only issue was the live sexual acts. It seems that they were told they could do everything else but."

Daka-Dan wasn't reassured. "Our feeling was, there were going to be [police] plants inside the audience," he says. And he didn't want to have to worry about which events would be okay and which ones wouldn't.

Hence, Beyond the Bedroom will now take place at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, where Daka-Dan says the orgasmic-meditation session will go forward without a live demonstration.


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