The media trail left behind by John Katehis, accused of murdering ex-Denver radio host George Weber

The typical modern teen psychopath tends to mark his trail with plenty of media. Columbine, anyone? And John Katehis, the sixteen-year old who's reportedly confessed to stabbing former Denver radio personality George Weber this past weekend, is no exception. His MySpace page was taken offline after the clickable item above was published, rendering its links useless -- but Gawker has published a screen grab featuring Katehis's bio, an anarchist symbol, and a number of other photos of the Queens, New York, resident mugging for a camera while fondling knives. And there's plenty more disturbing imagery where that came from. A post includes a slew of additional links, most of them still operational as of this morning, plus excerpts from dead ones, such as a profile from the goth-industrial site Among the items are a couple of YouTube videos -- one featuring Katehis making prank phone calls, and another in which his mother's hand can be seen petting the family cat. This last snippet is entirely benign until the closing credits, which note that the footage was shot by "John Katehis (Satan)."

Weber's friends and acquaintances would likely agree with this self-description.


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