This could be you tonight. For better or worse.
This could be you tonight. For better or worse.
Aaron Thackeray

The Rockies bandwagon is leaving the station. Are you getting on, or what?

Baseball season is long and dense, epically so, the Infinite Jest of sporting seasons. So you can't be blamed for jumping in and out, especially in a place where there is so much else to do, and especially when your team plays like Edward Norton in Primal Fear. But if you want to enjoy it fully -- to get into the story early enough to appreciate the narrative, and get (close to) the full payoff should the Rockies make the playoffs come September, tonight may be your last chance.

Tonight's when it gets visceral: They've solidified their bullpen, and without doing much damage to their farm system. And they have a chance tonight, and through the weekend, to build themselves a little cushion in the Wild Card standings, with the second-place Giants in town. But the Giants have an all-star in Matt Cain throwing tonight, and a kid two starts removed from a no-hitter going Saturday. So it won't be easy. Which is exactly what will make it compelling TV or live entertainment.

And if you're waiting for them to pull the trigger on something splashier, something SportsCenter-leading, something that rhymes with Boy Malladay -- well, you'll be waiting till hockey season. So forget about that. It's not happening. This, more or less, is the roster the Rocks are riding, and tonight's when the ride get's fun. You're encouraged to come along.


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