The Ten Patriots and Seahawks Figures Most Broncos Fans Hate Most

Photos and more below.
Photos and more below.

We recently dubbed the upcoming Super Bowl the Intoler-a-Bowl, because it includes the two teams most Broncos fans dislike the most: the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. But who among the Super Bowl participants is the most unlikable? Here are our ten picks, all of them available for hating this Sunday. Count them down below.

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Number 10: Richard Sherman

Prior to and immediately after last year's Super Bowl, we definitely couldn't stand Richard Sherman, the Seahawks motor-mouthed cornerback, thanks in part to his dismissive comments about Peyton Manning's arm-strength -- which are looking pretty prescient right now. But our ire has definitely cooled since then, and that process has continued thanks to the cutting comments he's directed at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, among others, over the long-running Deflategate controversy. Frankly, he barely made this list -- but we decided to keep him around for old time's sake. Number 9: Julian Edelman

After receiver Wes Welker jumped from the Patriots to the Broncos, the Pats anointed the diminutive Edelman WW's successor. Since then, Welker went from being an early success with the Broncos to an oft-injured, giant-helmeted concussion magnet who makes us look away in fear every time he goes over the middle -- while Edelman seems to get more effective with each game. And we despise him for it. Continue to keep counting down the Patriots and Seahawks figures most Broncos fans hate most.

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