The Tom-Tom Club

Although Florida's movers-and-shakers may not pay much attention to Tom Tancredo, he definitely has his supporters. Laura Leighton of Tucson, for example, who over the weekend sent Westword a spirited, if out-of-right-field, defense of the Colorado congressman, repeated verbatim below: You've got your traitors wrong! Traitors are the people who work against the people of the country, who get us into unnecessary wars, help destroy the nation by making us incredible amounts of debt, allow people from other countries who wish to destroy this nation and drain her and then refer to that nation as his "best friend"! Friends are people who tell us the danger and try to do something about in in the fact of hardship and all aridity. Tom Tancredo is a patriot. Get your terms corrected!

For a more comprehensive look at Tancredo, click here to read Michael Roberts's profile of our most controversial Congressman -- at least within statelines. -- Patricia Calhoun


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