The Twenty Best Small Cities in America, Including Three in Colorado

Additional photos and more below.
Additional photos and more below.

Denver gets a lot of love from list-makers, as witnessed by the community being named the best place to live in America by U.S. News & World Report earlier this year.

But Colorado is hardly a one-city state.

As evidence, eyeball WalletHub's roster of 2016's Best Small Cities in America. The site analyzed 1,268 towns with a population of between 25,000 and 100,000, and three from Colorado were among the twenty highest scorers — the only state in the country to achieve this distinction. And plenty of other Colorado cities landed in the upper reaches of the rankings.

Below, count down the photo-illustrated top twenty, featuring WalletHub data. That's followed by a Q&A with WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez, who offers more insight into the excellent performance of small cities in Colorado, as well as a complete methodology. Click to see the complete survey.

Castle Rock, Colorado.
Castle Rock, Colorado.
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Number 20 (tie): Castle Rock, Colorado

Total score: 66.48
"Affordability" rank: 151
"Economic Health" rank: 72
"Education & Health" rank: 31
"Quality of Life" rank: 429
"Safety" rank: 130

Carmel, Indiana.
Carmel, Indiana.

Number 20 (tie): Carmel, Indiana

Total score: 66.48
"Affordability" rank: 16
"Economic Health" rank: 68
"Education & Health" rank: 35
"Quality of Life" rank: 686
"Safety" rank: 27

Leesburg, Virginia.
Leesburg, Virginia.

Number 18: Leesburg, Virginia

Total score: 66.5
"Affordability" rank: 242
"Economic Health" rank: 44
"Education & Health" rank: 46
"Quality of Life" rank: 318
"Safety" rank: 213

Parker, Colorado.
Parker, Colorado.
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Number 17: Parker, Colorado

Total score: 66.61
"Affordability" rank: 61
"Economic Health" rank: 24
"Education & Health" rank: 14
"Quality of Life" rank: 648
"Safety" rank: 100

Cedar Park, Texas.
Cedar Park, Texas.

Number 16: Cedar Park, Texas

Total score: 66.66
"Affordability" rank: 128
"Economic Health" rank: 8
"Education & Health" rank: 182
"Quality of Life" rank: 505
"Safety" rank: 206

Los Altos, California.
Los Altos, California.

Number 15: Los Altos, California

Total score: 66.72
"Affordability" rank: 351
"Economic Health" rank: 83
"Education & Health" rank: 92
"Quality of Life" rank: 234
"Safety" rank: 36

Dublin, Ohio.
Dublin, Ohio.

Number 14: Dublin, Ohio

Total score: 66.73
"Affordability" rank: 9
"Economic Health" rank: 80
"Education & Health" rank: 413
"Quality of Life" rank: 244
"Safety" rank: 66

Sammamish, Washington.
Sammamish, Washington.

Number 13: Sammamish, Washington

Total score: 66.78
"Affordability" rank: 77
"Economic Health" rank: 64
"Education & Health" rank: 89
"Quality of Life" rank: 1,185
"Safety" rank: 13

Saratoga, California.
Saratoga, California.

Number 12: Saratoga, California

Total score: 66.83
"Affordability" rank: 209
"Economic Health" rank: 21
"Education & Health" rank: 100
"Quality of Life" rank: 464
"Safety" rank: 62

Saratoga Springs, New York.
Saratoga Springs, New York.

Number 11: Saratoga Springs, New York

Total score: 66.87
"Affordability" rank: 832
"Economic Health" rank: 210
"Education & Health" rank: 211
"Quality of Life" rank: 26
"Safety" rank: 372

Continue to count down WalletHub's ten best small towns in America for 2016, including the top-ranked finisher from Colorado. Also on hand is an interview that drills deeper into data from the three Colorado communities that made the cut.

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