The Westword 2014 Denver Bucket List: #5-1

What are the hundred things everyone should do in Colorado before they die?

We posed this question to our writers and editors, and we've been rolling out their answers across our blogs: Cafe Society, Backbeat, Show & Tell and The Latest Word.

We've already shared Latest Word Bucket List picks 25-16 and 15-6. Now, here are the final five. Count them down below, and click to read the complete list, "100 things to do in Colorado before you kick it."

Number 5:

The Westword 2014 Denver Bucket List: #5-1

Buy a cowboy shirt at Rockmount Ranch Wear

Patriarch "Papa" Jack Weil opened Rockmount Ranch Wear nearly seventy years ago, down among the warehouses of what's now known as LoDo, on the edge of skid row and the buried roots of early Denver. He famously lived to 107, and continued to show up for work there until the end. Now led into the 21st century by third-generation Rockmount heir Steve Weil, this Western-wear corral has become a favorite of rock stars and celebrities, who show up for their close-ups in Rockmount's signature diamond-snapped, sawtooth-cut cowpoke regalia.

Here's a photo of the Arctic Monkeys at the shop with Steve....

The Westword 2014 Denver Bucket List: #5-1

...and here, Steve poses with Mark Knopfler:

The Westword 2014 Denver Bucket List: #5-1

But even regular folks can buy a Rockmount to call their own, from the same brick warehouse in the same old part of town.

Continue to keep counting down the Westword 2014 Bucket List top five.

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