The blog shortcut, April 27 edition

Maris the Great, in living (or at least almost living) color.
Maris the Great, in living (or at least almost living) color.


Today in Backbeat Online:Moving Pictures: Casselman's Bar & Venue, MBV, Autumn Film, Primasonic, Maris the Great, Adai, To Be Eaten and Dualistics. • A first look at the new Fray video. • Are you doing your part to help Green the Scene?Rick Ross top seller at Independent Records. • Depeche Mode grabs top spot at Twist & Shout. • Discharge top seller at Wax Trax.

Today in Cafe Society:Mel Master pops his cork at Sketch today. • Pure has something to get off its chest. • A Milking It review of Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites Chocolate. • Ask the Readers: Who has the best happy hour?The Market Report, April 25. • Otto's Grill opening in former downtown Brix. • Ask the Critic: Where to go for a break-up date?

Today in The Latest Word:Swine-flu outbreak has Peter Boyles in verbal hog heaven. • Meet Brian Orakpo, the man the Broncos were too stupid to draft. • Are former Rocky Mountain News subscribers abandoning the Denver Post?Freaky DIA Mustang sculpture makes a great T-shirt in which to read angry poetry rants. • Why the Nuggets will win game four against the Hornets tonight. I sure as hell hope I'm right...

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