The blog shortcut, April 3 edition

Here's some stuff.

Today in Backbeat Online:Freaky Friday: Ukranians love Katy Perry. • Strange Condition lands development deal. • Update: Lee Ball, RIP. • Record Store Day preview: April is the month for the Decemberists.

Today in Cafe Society:Wine on First Friday. • It's a battle of the boozes at Baur's. • Our Weekly Bread: Aye Conyo at Buchi Café Cubano. • Quiznos' toast oven love. • Candy Girls: Amarena Cherries and El Rey Chocolate at Sketch. • Baur's pairs smack talk with liquor and a four-course meal.

Today in The Latest Word:Q&A with Denver Post editor Greg Moore. • Meet new Broncos QB Kyle Orton, party dude. • Former radio jock Jo Myers reveals a lot -- including stuff about her three nipples -- in her new book on death and dying. • Graffiti tagger David Miera sentenced to life in prison for 2006 shooting death. • Juror Bethany Newill talks about the Ward Churchill trial. The defense rests.

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