The Circle Jerks' Keith Morris.

The blog shortcut, August 18 edition

A-blogging we shall go...

Backbeat Online features an interview with Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris, who reveals that his band won't be at an August 22 Red Rocks show because he's recovering after falling into a near-fatal diabetic coma. Also on tap: The Flobots' response to an unsympathetic critic, as well as live reviews of the Shuffletones and an Adventure Records release party, featuring thoroughly uncommon Backbeat blogger John Common.

Meanwhile, The Cat's Pajamas lauds thrifting at Lorraine's house (read it and you'll understand), and Cafe Society gets ready for a new Tony's Market and dives into Cap'n Crunch Treasure Hunt Crunch cereal. It turns your milk the color of Windex: mmmmmmm.

And over at Demver? More grumbling (from yours truly) about Obama ticketing, not to mention DIA preparing for its DNC close-up. Smile pretty. -- Michael Roberts


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