The blog shortcut, August 20 edition

"Should we beat you up now, or beat you up later?"
"Should we beat you up now, or beat you up later?"

It's a different kind of boxing day.

Today in Cafe Society:

The 10 worst lunch boxes ever -- and what they say about the kids who carried them.

Tequila and beer tasting tonight at the Wynkoop Brewery.

Mysteries of Sheehan's Desk: Day 7.

Silver Mine Subs tapped out in Denver.

Where am I drinking (and eating)?

What's Cooking? Pete Marczyk conquers zucchini.

Tomatoes thrown at Chipotle miss target.

Candy Girls: Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop.

Today in Backbeat Online:

A first look at 3OH!3's "Still Around" video.

Wentworth Kersey gets glowing review on Pop Matters.

MP3 Freeloader: Yo, Flaco! at Herman's Hideaway this Friday.

Coolest CD case ever has theremin built in.

Pretty Lights at City Hall this Sunday.

Today in The Latest Word:

First on returning CU students' agenda: Getting smashed?

Brandon Marshall takes being a distraction to next level.

CU Obama basher Zach Lahn gets shut down on MSNBC.

Somebody stop that cleverly named bandit!

The return of the Tom Martino-mistakes-a-former-Westword-writer-for-a-current-one video. Welcome back.

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