The blog shortcut, August 6 edition

The blog shortcut, August 6 edition

Would you like to sniff the cork?

Today in Cafe Society:

Grapes and grilling tonight at Strings.

Guess where I'm drinking?

Martini Ranch and Hiccups III dry up.

And the new, New York Times restaurant critic is...

Tonight's shochu dinner at Elway's Cherry Creek could be the blowout food orgy of the year.

Today in Backbeat Online:

The Denver Boot: Hot IQs final show at Larimer Lounge.

NPR's All Songs Considered weighs in on the best music of 2009.

Mile Hi-Fidelity interviews from the archives: A Shoreline Dream.

Tip Sheet: Arliss Nancy.

Today in The Latest Word:

Focus on the Family: Gay people still can be fixed.

Frontier Airlines animals: endangered species?

Denver hospitals: Like an episode of Nurse Jackie.

Denverites ready to celebrate Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court confirmation.

Jefferson County wants to give you a jackass. It's better to own one than be one.

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