The blog shortcut, February 13 issue

Having a nice day, all you triskaidekaphobics?

Today in Backbeat Online:

Aviano Coffee debuts anything-goes open mike tomorrow.

Fort Collins set to debut all-local music fest in April.

Spoke-In-Wordz debuts new single on iTunes, Amazon.

Today in Cafe Society:

231 Milwaukee back on the market.

Quiznos gets to the meat of the matter.

Candy Girls: Shaman Chocolates.

Common Grounds loses ground.

Frank Bonanno up for James Beard award as Outstanding Restauranteur.

Today in The Latest Word:

Top ten songs that should be renamed after Barack Obama.

The Denver Zoo asks: I can haz Valentinez Dey card?

Q&A with Tony Perri, director of the transcendental-meditation documentary School of Thought.

MediaNews Group tops Newsosaur's Default-O-Matic roster.

The details behind Clear Channel and 9News public-service announcements for car dealers. Please give generously.

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