The blog shortcut, February 17 edition

It's that time again -- just like clockwork.

Today in Backbeat Online:

The jukebox effect.

Former Break Mechanics MC, P.A.A.S., to step off the stage for good?

Whygee capitalizes on CMJ Chart placement.

Flier of the week: Laura Goldhamer at the Oriental Theater.

Today in Cafe Society:

Aix marked the spot that will soon be Olivea.

Behind the scenes at Katie Mullen's.

Today in The Latest Word:

KOA's Dave Logan and Alvertis Simmons engage in verbal smackdown over Mullen slurs.

Da Boogieman turns down offer to return to KOOL 105.

Dick Wadhams has a greeting for Barack Obama.

Thomas Friedman greenspeaks in Boulder.

Colorado conservatives' porkiest anti-stimulus protest ever. For those on the right, it was hog heaven.

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